How to avoid malware

AVOID MALWARE: be careful during the installation of free software (freeware)

Because the creators of free software yet also some want to earn, during the installation of their programs to remove often nonsensical, annoying and often troublesome malware (regcleaners, toolbars etc.) offered. It therefore demands a high degree of alertness to prevent the computer from being surreptitiously contaminated with all kinds of junk! During setup For example offered by one of the programs RegClean Pro mentioned on this website. The Agree button is located at the bottom right of the window in a clever way: the usual place to click when you expect no more details and to complete the process quickly.

How to avoid malware

SO BE ALERT! Read the lyrics of each setup window carefully and look for buttons as Decline and Skip so you after installing the software not stuck with malware!


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